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The very first step you will take on your way to becoming a professional bartender is selecting the highest quality bartending school in your area.  And the best way to do that is by calling 1-800-Bartend!

Since 1994, 1-800-Bartend has been in the business of connecting students with great bartending schools all across the nation.  All our member schools are well established in their communities, have years of experience and only employ the most competent instructors to teach their classes.  At a 1-800-Bartend school not only will you learn how to mix the latest drinks, you will receive the training necessary to work in every aspect of your new occupation. Once you become certified our job placement programs, which are second to none, will help you begin bartending immediately!

All schools are not the same; so don’t make a mistake of enrolling at just any school.  Training in a realistic setting by a competent instructor in a hands-on bartending manner is the only way to learn.  By attending a 1-800-Bartend school you can be assured that you’re receiving the best value for your investment, and you have taken the first step to a flexible, fun, moneymaking job—a job you will actually love. 

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