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Why Become a Bartender

Pouring a drinkBefore enrolling at a bartending school, you’re probably curious as to what bartending actually entails.  Bartending is a great career choice.  Have you ever been to a bar and wondered how the bartender memorized all the drink recipes, had the ability to communicate well to his customers, and remain in full control?  That could be you.  Especially in today’s tough economic times, becoming a bartender is an extremely wise choice.  History has proven that traffic in bars can actually increase even as the economy worsens.  Unlike many jobs today, bartending is recession proof and your job can’t get shipped overseas!  As you can tell the advantages of bartending are far and wide. Just a few key points to remember:

  • It can take as little as 2 weeks to become certified.
  • Average yearly earnings amount to $50,000.
  • Your schedule and hours are flexible.
  • Both full and part time job opportunities.
  • You’ll make cash daily.
  • Social environment; you’ll be meeting new people constantly.
  • You can move anywhere and have the skills to thrive as a bartender. 
  • Bartenders are in HIGH demand even in tough economic times.
  • You control your income: Work as little or as much as you want.

Bartending is a lucrative gold mine and most likely by the end of the night you will have cash in your pocket.  Becoming a bartender is much more than just mixing drinks; you have the ability to make your own success.  So call 1-800-Bartend today, and locate the best school in your area.  

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